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International Director

Brian Britton is the Founder and Director of the Harvest Family Network with members around the world. He has served as a local church pastor in a revival culture in Virginia for many years and as a missionary, revivalist and evangelist for 20 years. Brian also serves in the nations as a part of IRIS Global founded by missionaries Heidi and Rolland Baker and serves on the board of several nonprofit organizations. He and his wife Valerie both hold Masters degrees in Practical Theology from Regent University and currently reside in Williamsburg, VA with their daughter Anastasia. 

If you would like Brian to come preach and minister in your local church or event please message us through the contact page.



Valerie Britton travels around the world and within the United States as a minister and guest speaker. She and her husband Brian have also served as Senior Pastors in Virginia for many years and are the founders of the Harvest Family Network. Valerie has ministered prophetically from a young age, served as a translator for many ministries in her native Russia, and especially enjoys ministering to women and bringing them into greater freedom in Christ. Recently, she has led teams of women ministering in local churches and conferences throughout Brazil. She has a M.A. in Theology from Regent University and currently resides in Williamsburg, VA with her husband Brian and daughter Anastasia. 

If you would like Valerie to come and minister in your church or event, please send us a request on our contact page.

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